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Xavier Centre for Humanities and
Compassion Studies (XCHCS)

The first Centre of its kind established in India, XCHCS is a timely response to the call for reclaiming our humanity through systematic and sustained studies on compassion. [To continuously strengthen this effort to reclaim our humanity, additional centres of excellence (COE) will be proposed over the next five years with the aim of forming the Xavier School of Humanities and Social Sciences.]
The vision of XCHCS is to help build an approach to humanities, both online and onsite, through compassion studies in line with a transdisciplinary framework, i.e., practically by working with but going beyond the traditional disciplinary streams (or silos). Through engaging outreach, field research, action learning, and careful study of key texts, and drawing from the lessons of digital humanities, XCHCS is poised to investigate the complexity of compassion and compassionate action in contemporary society. It will do so empirically and theoretically at the individual and societal levels. XCHCS will also work in various contexts: real and digital classrooms as well as meaningful public events.
XCHCS will specially develop scholarship on compassion around the principles and practices espoused by Mahatma Gandhi and other visionaries and practitioners of non-violent dialogic co-existence like Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Pope Francis.
Among its students, XCHCS will nurture a critical but compassionate outlook. It will encourage a willingness to engage in dialogue and a readiness to mindfully venture into uncharted territories. From this foundation, XCHCS hopes to encourage glocal concerns, civic engagement, intellectual and emotional flexibility, and professional and personal development.
For the next three years, and beyond, XCHCS will create six Gateways of Development (with engaging and inter-related Paths/Pathways) in order to systematically widen and deepen its knowledge, academic activities, and public engagement on humanities and compassion studies, to build a unique Xavier University Orientation.


XCHCS Development Gateways and Pathways, 2018 – 2021

  • Gateway 1: Public Engagement & Student Involvement
  • Gateway 2: Partnership/Co-Creator Platforms
  • Gateway 3: Online and Onsite Academic Activities
  • Gateway 4: Transdisciplinary Research Activities
  • Gateway 5: Documentation & Compassion Knowledge Base
  • Gateway 6: Special Initiatives


Specific Initiatives, 2018-2019

  • Gandhi and Compassion Project (Events and Books).
  • SIGNIS Laudato Si Global Fellowship Programme for Young Media Professional (On Compassion and Social Communication)
  • Cultivating Critical Compassion (Sessions/Lectures)
  • Xavier Public Intellectuals Doctoral Fellowship Programme (for young scholars from disadvantaged communities)


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